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Why mortgage lenders should be as transparent as energy suppliers

It’s pretty easy to switch energy suppliers these days.

Between 42 and 49 days before your fixed-term deal ends, your supplier has to let you know that you’ll lapse onto their Standard Variable Rate (SVR). It means you’ll have plenty of time to switch to another deal, which is a good idea as the SVR is usually more expensive. In fact, you could save […] Read More.

The Mortgage Switch Guarantee goes to Parliament

MPs champion the Mortgage Switch Guarantee in Westminster

The Shadow City Minister Jonathan Reynolds kindly sponsored the event to champion the campaign to fellow MPs, the mortgage industry and the regulator.  This follows the Early Day Motion lodged by the SNP Economic Spokesperson, Kirsty Blackman which has secured support from all political parties across Parliament. MPs Support the Campaign During his speech Mr […] Read More.

Lenders need to contact borrowers three months before their deal ends

No one wants to pay more for their mortgage than they need to.

Yet an incredible two million homeowners are each paying an average of £4,500 a year. It’s because their mortgages have reached the end of their discounted period and lapsed onto their lenders’ Standard Variable Rate (SVR), according to the 2018 Mortgage Saver Review, published by Trussle, the online mortgage broker. Why some homeowners aren’t switching […] Read More.

Do you know the true cost of your mortgage?

Buying a home can be notoriously stressful. One of the reasons is because a property is probably your biggest purchase. There are lots of decisions to make and most of us aren’t qualified to make them alone.

It doesn’t help that there’s one thing about mortgages that’s really confusing when it shouldn’t be. Incredibly, it’s how much you actually pay. Why the cost of your mortgage is unclear When you’re choosing your mortgage it’s natural to focus on the headline interest rate, given that the industry shouts about them loudest. But this […] Read More.

Why borrowers need instant access to their mortgages

Want to know the balance of your bank account? Just go online or open the app on your phone. Simple, isn’t it?

But it can be a completely different story when it comes to your mortgage. A mortgage is probably your biggest debt, yet some lenders don’t give you instant access to your account. It means there’s no quick and easy way of knowing whether you’ve missed a payment or if your mortgage deal is coming to […] Read More.

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